New tv series in scaffolding for the 60th anniversary of the Smurfs

Sixty years after the first to occur in the stripblaadjes of the little blue men (and one female) with a white hat (and one red) are working on a new tv series about the Smurfs. “I am convinced that the Smurfs all the generations of the next few decades, fun will deliver”, said Véronique Illustrator, daughter of the spiritual father of the Smurfs, Peyo (Pierre Illustrator). Just like the film ‘The Lost Village’ (2017), the third Smurfenfilm, works in Illustrator also to the television series as coproducente and will by Gargamel and his cat Azriel hunted males again in 3D to be animated. In 2021, the Smurfs on the tube.

On 23 October, the Smurfs exactly sixty years old. Their first appearance they made as nevenfiguurtjes in the Johan and Pirlouit story “The flute with six smurfs’, also from the hand of Peyo. A year later, they had their stripes already earned and received the blue there are various kinds a own series. Milestone in the conquest of the world by the Smurfs was the film version from 1975 of the aforementioned ‘Flute’. In the years ’80, followed a tv series with a whopping 270 episodes, several Emmy’s acquired. Peyo died in 1992. His wife, who some years ago died, daughter and son to put his work on. That led the Smurfs eventually to Hollysmurf.

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