‘Girl’ conquers France

In France, less than a week time already 91.601 film ‘Girl’, the feature film debut of Lukas Dhont, views. That reports the VAR. In Paris ended the film the weekend at the third place in the box office. It is therefore the most successful opening week ever for a Flemish film in France. Now Wednesday is ‘Girl’ for us in the halls, after the picture last week at the Film Fest Ghent in Belgian avant-premiere was gone.

Last weekend, if the director Dhont Ghent have the Knack Focus Jo Röpcke Award 2018 to receive an award for a deserving, outstanding and creative contribution to the Flemish film.

In France, the film last week, in the halls, on Wednesday 10 October. He broke immediately in the record of ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’, which during its opening weekend with our southern neighbors more than 50,000 spectators to the cinema and managed to lure.

Also the French press was enthusiastic about Dhonts debut. Daily newspaper Le Figaro gave a viersterrenrecensie and called ‘Girl’ a “coup de cœur!”. The weekly magazine Les Inrocks was talking about “un portrait sensible et habité porté par Victor Pad (the main character, ed)”.

Since the world premiere in Cannes, where ‘Girl’ went home with four awards, including the Caméra d’or for best debut, is the movie to an impressive international festivalcarrière busy. The prijzenteller is now on 15.

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