Ecuador puts Assange new house rules

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LONDON – Ecuador has the new rules figured out for Julian Assange, who for six years bivakkeert in the embassy of the country in London. If the WikiLeaks founder do not adhere to these guidelines may result in his diplomatic asylum is repealed.

This is evident from an internal memo that has been recognised by the British newspaper The Guardian.

Assange should make sure that his toilet remains clean and better for his cat, sure, otherwise, the pet will return. Also the Australian and guests are not left on their own devices. If they still try, is that according to the memo, if vulnerability is considered and reported to the British authorities.

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The founder of the well-known klokkenluiderssite should also be more costs out of their own pocket are going to pay. Ecuador wants from december no longer pay for the food, the room and other costs around the residence of Assange. That should also a quarterly medical examinations undergone, and itself pay for the cost.

Assange took, in 2012, moved into the embassy when Sweden an arrest warrant against him issued. Assange feared through that country to be extradited to the United States.

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