Trump acknowledges now climate change, but: ‘It will change by itself again

The American president Donald Trump says to CBS News that climate change is a reality. He remains a little doubt about the cause and blame climate scientists with a political agenda.

Running president Trump? In 2012 tweette he is still that climate change is a hoax, a cold wave elicited him last year then again, the fact that the United States, however, what is more, global warming could make use of.

“I think definitely that something is going on. Something is changing – I do not think that it is a ‘hoax’, ” said Trump Sunday night in the interview on CBS News, after the passage of the devastating hurricane Michael.

Already added the Us president immediately that he remains a doubt as to the cause of the warming of the earth. “I don’t know whether this man is. I want no billions and billions of dollars to spend. I don’t want millions and millions of jobs disappear.’ Trump had further dropped a hint that the global warming ‘is perhaps itself will recover.”

Political agenda

“In the past we have hurricanes had that much worse than Michael, continued Trump. When the journalist then said that climate scientists claim the opposite, asked Trump her about which scientists they had. “Many experts around climate change have an important political calendar,” he said.

The United States announced last year that they withdraw from the klimaatakkoorden of Paris, where concrete agreements were made to the warming of the earth. The White House is keen on all major klimaatinspanningen of the country to turn back.

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