This is the jury of Dancing With The Stars

Tonight, on Monday, October 15, were not the candidates of Dancing With The Stars, but the judges in the spotlight in the dance studio in Ribbon. None other than Leah Thys, Jan Kooijman, Joanna Leunis and Michel Froget to slide their dansbenen under the left and expect nothing less than technical excellence, delicious dance moves, interconnecting webs, star quality, but above all: tons of emotion. What torque can the four and the viewers at home the most enticing with their dancing skills? That’s anyone from 19 October, every Friday at 20.35 to know in Dancing With The Stars.

The first member of the jury, there is one with a lot of class and charisma: the grande dame of showbiz Leah Thys. Everyone knows Leah as Marianne in the popular soap ‘Home’, but not everyone knows her passion for dance and theatre. Leah has a lot of knowledge of the business.

The following expert is the Dutchman Jan Kooijman. Jan is a former modern dancer, actor, presenter and now also a tv-maker. In addition, he has experience as a judge of another dance program, such as the popular tv-program ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

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