RTL: Regret going along with “new requirements” Jenny Douwes

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According to the editors of the program suggested Douwes at the last moment new requirements, in fact, no debate at the table with Afriyie. “We understand that in the hustle and bustle of a live broadcast quick decisions have to be taken. Afterwards we had just before the start of the broadcast should decide to not go along with the new gespreksvoorwaarden”, says RTL.

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Lawyer Wim Anker and his client, Jenny Douwes fight this vision of the happened. “There are no appointments made to all at one gesprekstafel to take place”, wrote Anchor Sunday on its website in a statement. “That was absolutely not an option. In the first place because Jenny Douwes do not agree. And in the second place, because our office is no discussion wanted, and wants, about the person and the color of Zwarte Piet. There was, after all, the blokkadezaak not over!”

No departure

Twan Huys, would Anchor just before the start of the broadcast on Friday against Douwes have said that Afriyie is not with her at the table would come. “The move of the presenter during the broadcast, however, mr. Afriyie and his lawyer at the table to needs, for us, it was a total surprise. That was my view also clear to see.”

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RTL late Monday also know that there are “further there is no question of a departure from Twan Huys at RTL Late Night.” These rumors were doing the round since the program has already been many weeks of being plagued by bad ratings.

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Further, RTL in a further explanation to know that Huys in the broadcast of Monday night returns on the affair. Or after the broadcast of Friday still has been contact with Douwes and Afriyie, wants to be the spokesperson does not say.

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