‘Beautiful Boy’ has strong Us opening weekend

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Director Felix Van Groeningen has in the United States made quite an impression during the opening weekend of his movie ‘Beautiful Boy’, with steracteurs Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell in the lead roles. The first impressions at four locations brought the film all 221.437 dollar – or 191.524 euro. That reported entertainmentmagazine Variety yesterday.

The premiere of last weekend was the first real test for ‘Beautiful Boy’. After the film already at some festivals, it was screened, he was now finally in a number of theaters for the general public. The wide release has, however, yet to follow: next week opens the film on a number of new locations, until the beginning of november he comes everywhere in the halls. In Belgium we have more than a month of waiting.

If the first impressions of the last weekend is an indication, it looks for the director, Ghent roots very well. Per cinema brought the picture according to Variety, a “impressive” 55.359 dollar (47.880 euro).

The English language debut of Van Groeningen was already previously on the rave reviews received. “A severe but authentic drama about a drug addiction that knows how to move”, wrote Variety after the first screenings at film festivals. Except delicate approach of the director praised the U.s. magazine also the interpretation of Timothée Chalamet, as the young drug addict Nic, and Steve Carell, as the desperate father David that his son from the clutches of his addiction tries to get. “Their excellent performances should help to keep this riveting film in the awards-buzz atmosphere to launch,” was the. That last sentence sparked some of the hope of any nominations, maybe even for an Oscar.

Also the reviewer of IndieWire was positive about this film adaptation of the same name, the autobiographical novel by New York Times journalist David Sheff. “In the worst case, rotating this gloomy drama about familial alienation in sadness with a sadistic intensity that borders on the extreme. With lesser performances would be in this drama fall under the manipulative weight of unmerited severity, but these two actors to know the material each time to transcend.”

In Belgium the film from the 21st of november in the halls. The national premiere for ‘Beautiful Boy’ is for Film Fest Gent, the 45th edition coming Friday, 19 October concludes with the display of this Hollywooddebuut of Van Groeningen, who previously ‘Belgica’, ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ and ‘The misfortunates’.

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