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Mick Schumacher after obtaining F3-title: “A dream come true”

Mick Schumacher to let you know that there is for him a dream come true when he yesterday the European championship F3 safe suggested during the second race of the season finale in Hockenheim.

The day was however in a minor key began for Schumacher. During the first race he came in contact with his team-mate Marcus Armstrong and damaged thereby his front wing. The German limped in with a broken front wing back to the pits and kept his rival for the title, Ticktum, until just on the edge of the acceptable.

A warning and a penalty point on his license were his part, and Schumacher finished on the twelfth place. Dan Ticktum won the fifth place from the fire and demolition in that way, ten points closer to Schumacher.

In the second race was a touch for Schumacher, he finished the race in second place while Ticktum pleasure had to take the seventh spot.

“I have no words for it,” said Schumacher, as opposed to ‘’. “I am very grateful for the opportunities I have received to this moments to be able to experience, it really is a dream come true.”

“We do what we love to do and if there is still great performance to follow is that the most beautiful feeling you can have.”

Schumacher thanks his team, PREMA because it is him with his feet on the ground, despite all the media attention around his person as the son of seven times world champion of F1 Michael Schumacher.

Mick has a limited entourage that consists of Peter Kaiser, a good friend of Schumacher, Sr., and Sabine Kehm.

“The team is behind me and I have people I can go to to relax,” Mick continues. “That is a key role for me to deal with all the attention that I get and to me to be able to concentrate on the racing. Because that is what I like to do, on the road and fast laps.”

After the first fourteen races of the season was Schumacher just on a tenth place in the battle for the championship. His first victory in Spa proved to be the tipping point because now the counter is already at eight victories.

“We worked very hard during the season, you may have seen that there are so not during the beginning of the season, but we knew our still steadily improving. The team has given me so much support, even during the worst moments,” concludes Mick.

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