Many killed in air strikes Yemen

HODEIDAH – In air strikes in the Yemeni region of Hodeidah are in accordance with Houthi rebels on Saturday certainly nineteen citizens for life come. Fighter jets of the coalition, under the leadership of Saudi Arabia against the rebels fight, attacked a checkpoint in the place of Jabal Rass when there are two buses passed.

Archive view of the Yemeni region of Hodeidah.

Care workers confirmed that there were ten deaths, of whom eight out of a family. According to the rebels were also more than thirty people injured.

The coalition has since June regular air attacks on port city of Hodeidah, which by the by Iran-backed Houthi’s is busy and is of great importance for the supply of Yemen. A spokesman of the coalition said that the attack on Jabal Rass will be investigated.

According to the United Nations in the Yemeni civil war since 2015 more than ten thousand people perished. More than two million people are on the flight.

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