Italian government takes migrants away from the welcoming village

The Italian minister of the Interior, has Saturday ordered to all migrants living in the village of Riace stay in refugee centres. The church in Calabria, in the south of Italy, applies for years as a very welcoming place and a model for the integration of migrants.

Riace, a village of barely two thousand inhabitants, was for many years confronted with a drain because more and more young people move to the city. Under mayor Lucano there were hundreds of migrants are brought in. They could go in the empty houses and had to the local economy and breathe new life into. But this kind of projects is a thorn in the eye of the Italian government. Who wants that in other abandoned villages in Italy, here is an example to would take.

Minister Salvini prefer migrants to bring in large refugee centers. The move from Riace start next week, ” he said Saturday.

Mayor arrested

Mayor Domenico Lucano was early this month arrested because he is suspected of assistance to have provided illegal immigration. He would be marriages of convenience have been established between the inhabitants of the municipality and foreign women, so that a residence permit could get. The mayor was under house arrest imposed.

Both the Italian minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, as the populist Vijfsterrenbeweging reacted positive to his arrest. This brings an end to the immigratiebusiness, she said.

Mayor Lucano was two years ago by the Fortune magazine named as one of the hundred most influential people of the year. His project served as the inspiration for a fictiedocumentaire of Wim Wenders.

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