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Breaking: Tron has (allegedly) partnership with Baidu (Google of China)

Where are the rumors?

The relatively small crypto news site wrote on Twitter that Tron has exclusively assured that you will deal with Baidu a partnership. Baidu can be seen as a Chinese counterpart to Google. According to Statcounter 66% of all search queries on Baidu in China. Google in China only at far-severed 2.7% in

This partnership should take place so it could be for Tron is a big step in the direction of the mass market. To the Details of the partnership but no details yet. Supposedly this next week to be officially unveiled by Baidu Cloud.

The notorious Tron-Shiller and founder of Tron, Justin Sun, had first announced two days ago, a “partnership with a 10 billion dollar company”

Doubts about the partnership

To what extent one can, however, trust Coinness is still written in the stars – China is actually rather known to be Anti-crypto. To place aware of a hoax, however, would be to deprive the Coinness any credibility.

Neither Baidu nor Tron have already responded to these rumors officially.


Whether the partnership is really happening. However, this is, by Justin sun’s preceding Tweet is not unlikely. Tron is a slightly upward trend with +3% compared to the Bitcoin. Confirmed or not, the Tron Community is delighted.

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