Bavaria may choose new parliament

MUNICH – Approximately 9.5 million voters in Bavaria can Sunday cast their vote for a new parliament. According to polls, is a totally different parliament than the conservative state is accustomed to. The decades ruling Christian Social Union (CSU) would be under the leadership of prime minister Mark Söder fors suffer losses.

Angela Merkel

The CSU has, with the exception of the years 2008-2013 when the party’s coalition partner, had needed for decades with an absolute majority in Bavaria ruled. In 2013 obtained the CSU but many as 47,7% of the votes.

Sunday would be only one-third of the voters on the CSU votes. That can political turmoil cause, not only in Munich but also in Berlin around the coalition of chancellor angela Merkel. Second party according to the pillars of the Greens with about a fifth of the votes. A total of eighteen parties.

Bavaria is what population and economy in the second state of the Federal republic of germany.

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