“Yes, Donald said sorry’

NEW YORK – Donald Trump has apologized for his infamous “grab them by the ….”-quote. That said the first lady in an hour long interview on American television, her first major interview as first lady. The interview was recorded during her trip through Africa, where controversy arose over her ” I really don’t care’-jacket. With a Kenyan game reserve, in the background told Melania that she wore to left-wing media to show that their criticism of her did nothing. They also answered questions about the Metoo-movement, life in the White House and her marriage.

Melania Trump had previously promised that all questions might be.

The famous jacket did raised some dust. When the first lady on the plane to immigrant children to visit their parents were divorced was on her back can clearly read “I really don’t care, you did?” There was immediate speculation about what that text meant. This Was an act of resistance of Melania the direction of her man?

President Trump tweette at the time, immediately that it is a message for the media. That endorses Melania now. It was, according to her, meant “for the people, and for the left-wing media who me criticize. I wanted to show that that criticism I don’t care.”

She says eventually her husband affected to have on this topic. Melania says the separation of children of migrants awful to have found, and that they that the president also has told. “That divorces were unacceptable, it broke my heart. I responded with my own voice.’

In the interview, showed Melania rarely the back of her tongue and it was distant. About the scandal around the paying off of porn actress Stormy Daniels, and all the other stories that circulated about the cheating of her husband, she remains cool. Those stories are “no care and no concern” for her. “I am a mother and a first lady. I have much more important things for me to worry about.”

’Grab them by the pussy’

Trump made during the election campaign to apologize to Melania for the statements that he did on the ’access Hollywood tapes’. On hidden pictures told Trump that he women just kissed and in the cross fingering. The president has since she was in the White House to live more excuses made? “Yes he did”, said Melania. But where that was she didn’t want to say.

That answer was apparently not to the liking of the president. A few days after the interview, got the tv station a statement from the White House: “The president often makes excuses to ms. Trump for all the media nonsense and the criticism that they are over him.”


About the #metoo movement, she is diplomatic. “Men and women have to be heard.” She supported the women who stand up and her story do not? “I support women, but we need some proof though.” This referred without the to as to the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford to the address of Brett Kavanaugh, the man who eventually after a bitter fight last week was appointed chief judge.

“I have, however, influence”

There is often speculation about how much influence Melania exactly has on her husband. She seems pretty a-political, and adheres to the outside is usually aloof from policy. Behind the scenes it is different, according to Melania itself. She gives a indeed, in her opinion, “and then he does what he wants to do.” She says a number of staff in the White House not to have trusted in the past two years, and that she has her husband also told. What happened to those people happened? “Some of the people who work there no more.”

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