‘Worst aviation disaster to ” ever in the nick of time avoided’

On 7 July last year is just the possible worst aviation disaster to ” the history is avoided, as is apparent from an examination of the American transportwaakhond NTSB. Pilots of Air Canada had, by mistake, a job where four regularly scheduled airlines were waiting to take off, regard as their runway.

‘Just a few meters was a disaster avoided, which, without a doubt, the heaviest ever in the aviation history”, writes vice-president Bruce Landsberg of the NTSB in a report.

The Airbus A320 of Air Canada, with 140 persons on board, received on July 7, 2017 at about midnight the permission to land at the airport of San Francisco. But in place of the piste 28-right-to-use, landed the pilot on taxiway C, where at that time four regularly scheduled airlines were waiting to ascend. The Airbus went down to twenty metres from the ground, when the pilots of the other aircraft noted and their device came up. When the incident became one of the 135 passengers or five crew members injured.

The research report of the American transportwaakhond puts the responsibility on the pilots, that the NOTAM messages (messages for flying personnel who have critical information about an airport, ed.) before and during the flight had little consulted. Because of this, they did not know that the usual runway 28-left at 23 hours was closed. The captain of the aircraft gave later the two tracks to each other to have met.

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