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World champion Sanne Cant wins Rapencross in Lokeren after a short solo

Sanne Cant (Iko-Beobank) Saturday the Rapencross in the city of Lokeren, in the women’s elite won. The 28-year-old world champion finished the breakaway for Laura Verdonschot. Loes Sels picked up the final podium spot. Sanne Cant won earlier this season even though the Berencross in Meulebeke.

Ellen Van Loy took the best start and turned first to the field. Together with Laura Verdonschot and Sanne Cant was withdrawn themselves from the rest. Just before the first passage to the sandbox locks front also Loes Sels and Nikki Brammeier. Not for long, however, Verdonschot and Cant started with a small lead on the second round. Sels and Van Loy followed a little further away. Those last two locks for the ascent of Mont Henri, the only climb on the route, with Cant and Verdonschot, and Alice Maria Arzuffi then also.

For Cant was the same for the beginning of the third round is a bit too slow. The world champion took away from the rest. Sels tried on her own to close the gap. Behind her followed a trio with Van Loy, Alice Maria Arzuffi, and Verdonschot. Sels could to the sandbox Cant join, while also Verdonschot a motion made to the two leaders.

With two laps to go, we got a breakaway with three. Alice Maria Arzuffi was followed 11 seconds, Ellen Van Loy had all of 30 seconds. Cant, Sels and Verdonschot also started with the three of them on the final lap. At the foot of Mont Henri let Sanne Cant of her companions in the lurch and so she won the first edition of the Rapencross in the women.

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1. Sanne cant

2. Laura Verdonschot

3. Loes Sels

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