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Vitalik Buterin: Crypto has his explosive days are behind him

There are new to the Ethereum Ceo’s Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum occupied currently number 2 in the crypto-currencies with a market capitalisation of 20.2 billion US$.

The market capitalization of Ethereum

He says he can see in the future, no Chance for another 1000%.
The Explosive days for crypto-had come and gone, now everyone knows of the existence of crypto.
“The blockchain space is getting to the Point where there’s a ceiling in sight,”
The Blockchain space comes to the point where a ceiling is in sight. He said on a Ethereum and Blockchain Conference in Hong Kong to Bloomberg.

“If you, at this point, with an average educated Person talking to you has probably already heard of the Blockchain.” “It is probably no longer possible, that it rises again to 1000%.”
“In the last six or seven years, the growth from the Marketing of the Blockchain Community was necessary in order to achieve further Adoption.
“This strategy is just before a cul-de-SAC.”
As a next step, people need to be involved who are already interested in crypto-currencies more deeply involved. To be not only Interested in crypto-currencies but also switch to real applications in the real economic activity.

Ether was an All-time High of almost 1400$ and is now available to buy for under 200$.

Ether has very much lost value since the beginning of January

Ether is used to send to the ERC20 Token. Most of the tokens are ERC20 Token. There is a fee to the Blockchain. Many of the ICO’s used Ethereum as a means of payment, which may also include any of the reasons for the strong case.

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