Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 41

Six singles disappear this week from the Flemish Ultratop 50. That are LunAcoustic and “Balance”, “Bailamos” by Michael Lanzo, Fixkes with “Hoboken”, “Doubt not, and dance with me” by Bart Peeters, Lens & Leys with “Rosetta” and finally, Rudy Meyns, “I take today the train”.

Number 48 is for Alain Smits and “Let me”. At 35, Frank Vander linden, and “Disappeared friends”. 34 is for “Roses without thorns” by Barbara Dex. One place higher we get the “Sins of the days of Sasha & Davy. Yevgueni ends up at 25 with “What is now important is”.

Of 13 10 jumps “Laughing, licking biting” of White Bird. Lenny & The Wasps climbs from 14 to 9 and the “All is well”. Sabien Tiels take a dip, from 4 to 8 with “You know me better than I do”. “Let your heart beat” of Laura Lynn remains at 7. Wim Soutaer feel “Connected” and moving up from 12 to 6. From 6 to 5 is “So clean” by Michiel De Meyer. “Zoutelande” Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert lose one town and state at the 4. From 2 to 3 is “Gloria” by Niels Destadsbader. After seven weeks on “Grip (Embrace me)” Bazart from 1 to 2. All the way from nothing and last week, so not even listed comes Tourist LeMC feat. Raymond Van het Groenewoud at number 1 with “Mirror”!

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