Twan Huys: “I wanted a total of not this rel

According to Twan has his editors about that had contact with the lawyer of Douwes, Wim Anker, so he said to RTL. “With him are very clear agreements are made and I take it that they also have discussed about this, that all parties at the table would come and sit.”

The presenter let us know that the word regret in this case is not in place. “Something happens where I’m not prepared, and the editors are not prepared. An event that was, is different. An appointment that we had made, is not complied with and there is something else in its place. There you can as editors, not so much to do.”

The suggestion that he is the appointment did not fulfil to be a riot to create and get more viewers, he points to the hand. “Anyone who now suggests that RTL Late Night is doing this for ratings, to draw, that was not so. This topic was already very long in the preparation. I wanted a total of not this rel. I’m doing this course now for twenty years and reliability is high in my priority. That you can do. You can help people is not a promise and not fulfill it. That is not going to. This is the last thing I want.”

Wim Anchor the radio station to let them know is not in the lecture, Twan Huys, to recognize the appointment is not made.

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