Thousands of Germans demonstrate against the extreme right-wing

In the German capital of Berlin argue thousands Saturday afternoon against the extreme right. According to the protesters are racism and discrimination ” more and more accepted.”

The demonstration takes on a motley collection of demonstrators, part: of migrant organisations and trade unions to holebirechtenorganisaties.

‘There will be a dramatic political shift is taking place. Racism and discrimination are becoming more accepted, ” explains Unteilbar, the organisation that organised the protest. “What yesterday was unthinkable, today it is become a reality.’

The organizers refer to the racist incidents in the Eastern German city of Chemnitz. There resulted in the death of a young German, at the end of August were killed in a messengevecht with foreigners, to violent straatrellen. Since then, organizes the extreme right-wing every Friday a demonstration to But migration to sue.

Necessary signal

But also the way in which countries like Italy and Spain, the asielcrisis tackle, makes them worry. “Europe is in the grip of nationalistic antagonism and discrimination’, it sounds.

The German foreign minister Heiko Maas called the protests ” a necessary signal to the extreme right in Germany’. ‘We let ourselves not divide, and certainly not by right-wing populists, ” said Maas, a member of the social democratic SPD.

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