Thomas Vanderveken is ready for it

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Thomas Vanderveken start Saturday with a new season of Only Elvis Remains. In the last few years was Thomas especially with ‘more serious’ programs, but he ever Steracteur Sterartiest presented. “It is now a lot more of me,” he says in Gazet Van Antwerpen. “You may me still in a tv studio and me Stan Van Samang announce. I do that with pleasure. Those things fit in my youth. But I always could choose what I wanted to make for television, and for the past few years, there were options closer to my interests layers than a show.” Vanderveken was also a pioneer of JIM tv. “JIMv was there for people of my age. It worked so well. Jim now seems the stone age. If you have a clip just wanted, you had to call in to the television. A teenager can not imagine.”

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