Teze regrets spuugincident

Jordan Teze (no. 3)

The KNVB confirmed that it is indeed Teze would go. In Bild was immediately a parallel is drawn with the spuugincident at the world cup 1990 between Frank Rijkaard and the German attacker Rudi Völler.

Coach Bert Konterman was embarrassed then, even after the end. “There is spitting. Both we as a team, as Jordan himself, will find that this is not on a football field belongs and not belongs to a player who comes out for his country,” he says at NOS Sport.

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Still, Teze not in the strafbankje. He has also regret expressed. “It should be clear that we want to see,” said Konterman.

Why the Dutch defender decided to spit, it is not yet known. Also, the arbitration could the incident does not perceive, which he also no red card was given.

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