Seven dead in new protests in Gaza

Seven dead in new protests in Gaza

Friday was another bloody day in the Gaza strip, where the Palestinians already for months almost every Friday to protest against the Israeli occupation.

At least seven Palestinians were killed in demonstrations at the border. In the meantime, announces to Israel that it is no longer fuel to deliver to the Gaza strip.

According to the Israeli army were there Friday about 15,000 Palestinians-show to protest. There were car tires on fire, and with stones and grenades at the soldiers rolled, says the army. When about twenty protesters managed to get an opening force to the border and the perimeter entered, opened the soldiers opened fire. Certainly seven Palestinians died, 252 were wounded, said a spokesman of the Palestinian ministry of Health. The injured were also minors.

The Israeli Defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, announced afterwards that he, with immediate effect, the delivery of fuel to Gaza is going to stop. He referred to the violence in the area. ‘Friday morning four trucks from Israel, fuel delivery, and immediately afterwards broke the violence. There was a serious attempt to the (Israeli) border to break and soldiers to attack’, responsible to the minister for his decision.

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