Man running with a chainsaw behind son and loses leg by lawn mower

Bristol – A man from the American place Bristol (Tennessee) is a leg lost after his son with a lawn mower over him is driven. The 76-year-old man would be his son with a chainsaw have attacked. The 76-year-old man is charged for attempted murder and violating his probation.

The 76-year-old Ferguson was convicted for attempted murder and violating his probation.

Agents came to the place and saw Douglas Ferguson with wounds to his head and his leg. That writes the police in a statement.

A research showed that the 76-year-old man running with a chainsaw in his hands, behind his son was entered into. His son was at that time the grass mowing and states that he is about his father, reed, in self-defense. Father and son would be a constant feud.

Although the incident in June took place, the case could now only be treated; the injuries of Douglas Ferguson were such that he did not previously could avoid.

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