Kristel Verbeke about her book

Kristel Verbeke tells Gazet Van Antwerpen about her book Everything Kids: a book about the residents of the Hollebeekweg all of which have their own problems, but at the same time not afraid to be for each other in the gap to jump. “After two seasons of the youth in action programme Generation K, and Kinderkopkes, a series for adults, it felt very organic to children with difficult themes to confront through a book. That tv programs had me there yet again made aware that if you have children as adult conversation partners consider, you really even with your mouth full of teeth. What all is in those cups deal! The book is aimed at children between 6 and 12 years. For the youngest you can get out of All Kids! read aloud, older children can be there for yourself to get started. Guide is a series of short stories that play out in the same street. You look behind the facades of houses and read the stories of children. These stories are a reason to talk about playing into themes such as foster care, refugees, or their caregivers.”

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