Jani Kazaltzis for the first to side with Gert Verhulst

Next week, Dancing With The Stars. Jani Kazaltzis presents for the first time together with Gert Verhulst. “I know Gert from the transmitter. We speak to each other occasionally. At parties and such. I was also a guest on the boat. But not that I the door on him platloop. This weekend, I come for the first time at his home: rehearse,” he says in The Latest News. “I’ve always said,” If I ever have studio work to do, I want to do with Gert.’ Because Gert is someone who is very strong input. Against humor. Who catches you when you fall. I have to Gert a very secure feeling. And of course, he will make me look ridiculous. That is okay. I will that the other way around also. I know in the meantime: I hoéf me by Gert not be intimidated to feel. I need him not to copy. I can just be myself. Same Final as in ‘So Man So Woman’. He has his thing, I mine. Otherwise your stupid television. Now, Jones remains, after all, the master of the show. I only have a supporting role. I’m the sidekick. Francesca, Jacques, say but.”

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