Her wedding dress shows Eugenie’s pain

Top right: the scar is what princess Eugenie left him to the consequences of her disease scoliosis.

Fifty kilometers outside of London, Windsor Castle, took place yesterday the fairy tale of which PRINCESS EUGENIE (28) her life long dreamed of and that her mother, SARAH FERGUSON (58), for the first time in more than twenty years back back in the British royal family.

It was what cost and was there the past few weeks in England enough to do. But yesterday was the feast when the royals, the nobility, the friends and the stars once again gathered in the familieslot that high above the town of Windsor towers and that is in may even though the setting was of a another great wedding – that of PRINCE HARRY and MEGHAN.

Long does Eugenie have to wait until the Dean of Windsor, DAVID CONNER, her and JACK BROOKSBANK (31) – after a relationship of seven years – to a man and a woman explained. BUT THE WAIT HAS PAID OFF.

In a fabulously beautiful failed wedding dress was Eugenie, the radiant center of all the ceremonies. For the ivory-coloured dress signed, the designers PETER PILOTTO and CHRISTOPHER DE VOS.

Achthondervijftig guests were witness to the fairytale wedding ceremony.

Long, drag

The London house Pilotto is ten years and is known for its feminine lines that Eugenie should have addressed. The past few months, it came during numerous visits to the salon in East London, step by step, in close cooperation with the bride, to this result. The long drag by the wind in his own way, chose immediately fell on, like the bare back that what scars prijsgaf that the princess left him to surgery because of her illness, scoliosis.

She had a curved spine which they several times is treated. The doctor who helped her, JAN LEHOVSKY and that caused it upright next to her father PRINCE ANDREW to her groom could walk, was in the run-up to the marriage are not forgotten. He got an invitation for the wedding ceremony in St. George’s Chapel, and a place of honor.

Grateful Sarah Ferguson established the emphasis on his presence. ,,Eugenie had a really severe bend in her spine. She is an exceptional example of the great work of the doctors. Therefore, it is the wedding day so special: it offers hope for every child that suffers from scoliosis.’

The princess with her low-cut back with a clear ’statement’ by so prominent attention to questions and to settle on the condition that her, and many others, at a young age found. The heavy surgery it all when she was twelve. It was twenty centimeters long rods and four inches long and screws into her spine and neck made. Last summer, when they just made a Instagram account had started up, she placed even a x-ray of it.

(Text is wrapped under the Instagramfoto)

In the run-up to the big day, she said it is important to find the views of people about ’beauty’ to want to change. ,,I think your ideas about what ’beautiful’ is found indeed can change, you can have your scars show and it is really very special to it.’


Spouse Jack looked bloednerveus when he was in the chapel with his achthonderdvijftig guests waited on his bride, but later he more relaxed the ceremony to a good end.

The Greville Emerald tiara that Eugenie wore, comes from the well-filled jewel box of QUEEN ELIZABETH that her granddaughter, this precious piece for her wedding lent. The tiara goes bad along with a veil, and that also was missing. For Sarah Ferguson, who from 1986 to 1996 was married to the father of Eugenie and her sister BEATRICE, was the wedding a special day. They rejoiced on it, but was, according to friends at the same time, ’one lump of nerves’. Her farewell of the family was at that time not without a fight, when photos were published of her and her financial advisor on vacation in compromising poses. The marriage was then not able to save, and that at a time when her brother-in-law PRINCE CHARLES, and sister-in-law PRINCESS DIANA rollebollend on the street went.

Long has she, at the royal events on the black list place, but now – at the marriage of her daughter – she could of course not be missing. In a striking green creation of EMMA LOUISE with ’vintage’ handbag from MANOLO BLAHNIK arrived they with daughter Beatrice at Windsor Castle. On television, it was to see that they breathed a sigh of relief when she once to her assigned spot in the pew sat.

Finally, it was Sarah Ferguson, here at its entrance, together with her daughter Beatrice, again under the koninlijke family.

Fergie looking forward to her return within the royal ranks, and interfered the last couple of weeks a lot with the planning of the wedding. By the assembled audience she was warm, and with cheers, greeted. Minutes later, arrived with PRINCE PHILIP. That took the edge off with his presence and the rumors that he is blind would let it go, because ’Fergie’ would come up with whom he spent more than two decades at odds with each lives. It seems slowly to an end to have come, now they will be in the chapel, a row for her former father-in-law sat. To see whether they are a single word, or even cans, have changed. The sway she had in any case still remain open and witness her deep sigh, she was apparently also that they very had brought during her first ’royale’ occur in twenty years time.

After the ceremony, exchanged Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank Windsor Castle, with a fast car, an Aston Martin DB10 used in James Bond film Spectre. Eugenie was at the time of boarding the necessary help of her sister Beatrice.

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