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George Russell is F1-pilot: “A dream becomes a reality”

George Russell is yesterday by the Williams F1 team confirmed as racepiloot for 2019. Russell is the third Brit who has a racezitje in F1 for next season and obviously he is happy with it.

The 20-year-old Mercedes-protégé knew this year a very successful debut in the F2. With only one weekend to go is Russell in the lead in the F2 championship.

Last year won Russell the GP3 championship and the Briton may for the second year in a row a championship to his name write.

“It is a huge honor for a team with such prestige and history as Williams has to say,” said the 20-year-old Russell in a comment on his confirmation as racepiloot at Williams in 2019. “I dream all my life of Formula 1.”

“As a child, I watched the F1 races and it feels surreal that I will soon be on the starting grid and this together with the drivers which I have for many years admired you.”

Obviously, Russell is grateful for the confidence that he Williams gets and he looks tremendously forward to the next year in the F1 racing.

“I want Claire Williams and everyone within the team to thank for the confidence they place in me, like Toto Wolff and Mercedes for the great opportunities that I got in the GP2 and Formula 2.”

“I am extremely excited to begin working with everyone in the Grove and to take my first steps in the direction of F1-pilot. I cannot wait until we can. according to the year in Melbourne,” concluded Russell.

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