Four islamists were arrested in Kosovo for planning attack in Belgium

In the Kosovar capital of Pristina are four islamists in suspicion of planning a series of attacks. In addition to a attack in Belgium they planned, according to the criminal complaint also attacks on an orthodox church, a Israeli football team and on targets in France.

The three men and the woman were already on October 4 was arrested, but the news became just now known. Two of the four have the Belgian nationality, reports the French news agency AFP.

According to the official indictment, which AFP could read, there was first of all an attack being plotted on an orthodox church in the Kosovo city of Mitrovica. In addition, they wanted bombings commit on two nightclubs in the capital of Pristina, and they wanted soldiers to attack from the NATO-led international peacekeeping force KFOR.

To which attack to perform, were extremists recruited who were willing to be suicide attacks to carry out.

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