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Four hundred years old ‘livre d’amour,’ for 95.000 euros auctioned in Brussels

At auction house Arenberg Auctions in Brussels Saturday afternoon, a unique ‘livre d’amour’ from 1620 sold at auction. The book contains 74 French love songs, went for 95.000 euros under the hammer (excluding auction costs), reports the auction house Saturday to Belga. Whom the manuscript gets its hands on, is not published, but the auction house can, however, confirm that the work in Belgium and to a setting. Good news, because it can be used as a study object at the disposal of science, says the.

A smoorverliefde nobleman from Hainaut left the work in 1620, designs, presumably to be a mistress. The manuscript has 33 detailed illustrations. That there are twice as much as a similar copy in the Royal Library of Brussels. ‘The manuscript is of high quality and prestigieuzer than the version in the Royal Library. Therefore, it is also of great importance for the cultural heritage in our country”, said an expert already.

The book, a unique insight in the miniaturistische painting of the 17th century, came to the auction house, through a meantime, private collector who wishes to remain anonymous. The man who the book in 1620 had designs, was Melchior Dassonleville of a well-known, rich, Hainault advocatenfamilie. The coat of arms of the family is in three different thumbnails in the book to recognize. The value of the work was beforehand estimated to be 70.000-80.000 euro.

In addition to the liefdesboek veilde Arenberg Auctions still 1.215 other tickets on October 12 and 13. So it was also a tiny piece of paper sold with the signature of Peter Paul Rubens. It is a written in Dutch receipt, intended for the pastor of a church in Antwerp. The paper is dated march 12, 1624. The receipt was initially estimated at 300 to 400 euros, but switched eventually to a whopping 16,000 euros (excluding auction costs) of owner, according to Johan Devroe of the auction house.

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