Cornald Maas ‘resistance’ against grachtengordelstempel

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Cornald Maas ‘resistance’ against grachtengordelstempel

13 October 2018 11:48
13-10-18 11:48
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Update: 5 minutes ago

Cornald Maas does not feel connected to “the canals”. The television presenter and writer of “resistance” against that stamp.

“In the Netherlands, people want you in mediatechnische sense to divide”, says the 56-year-old loophole in the AD. “I jureer in my hometown Bergen op Zoom, the carnival parade, to present the song Contest and I am the chairman of the jury of the boats of the Canal Parade. In addition: I’m from Brabant.”

Maas wrote ten years reviews for de Volkskrant. “I know of no dedain in respect of entertainment. André van Duin is now the great saint, but that was different in the seventies. Then he was by the intellectual upper layer is not carried on hands.”

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