Congo warns of second ebola wave

The Congolese authorities warn on Saturday that the country faces a “second wave” of the ebola epidemic is not yet certain size in Beni (North-Kivu), in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

‘Beni is witnessing a second wave of the ebola epidemic, the scale of which at this stage is unknown. The epicenter, which was previously in Mangina was, now lies in Beni, said dr. Oly Ilunga, Congolese minister of Health, during a press conference.

Currently 16.202 people vaccinated. “The epidemic in Beni is a big risk (…) and the situation remains worrying.’

Since the outbreak of the epidemic on 1 August, 77 cases in total recorded, including 69 confirmed and 8 probable cases in the city of Beni alone, ” says Ilunga.

Since the beginning of the week in Beni fifteen people died from the disease, according to calculations by AFP on the basis of the daily epidemiological bulletins of the ministry of Health.

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