Concert Snollebollekes in the GelreDome in no time sold out


Rob Kemps, such as Snollebollekes’s real name, says overwhelmed by the success: “Nondeju, here I am for the first time in my life speechless. We’re going to have a spectacular party. We build special dansdecks the people in the stands, so we have a completely sold out GelreDome, from left to right can let go.”

Organizer Matrixx displays directly in consultation to have gone with Holland, to look at possibilities for an additional show.

Snollebollekes is in Arnhem, assisted by guest artists like Gerard Joling, Vengaboys, Paul Elstak, Nice Wark and Gebroeders Ko. The Brabant feestnummer is mostly known for the number to the Left, to the Right, which he during live performances, the audience en masse from left to right show jump.

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