Carry Tefsen: #MeToo has Job Gosschalks life ruining

Carry Tefsen

In conversation with the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine says the actress, who is already sixty years in the business, that they are a “difficult case”. “I understand that people agree in their stomach, but I think it’s a shame when a director is very gifted, great things can make and that by that one stupid way of derogation from him, that he need to anywhere need to come, the whole thing gets spoiled. Because by then everyone of those beautiful productions of miss him. I think that is sin.”

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On the question of whether they are referring to producer Job Gosschalk, who last year was accused of inappropriate behavior, answers Carry: “I’ve always enjoyed. But yes, I’m not a little boy. I only know that he is a whole future of amazing things that humanity could give, and what happens: he is bullied and his life is ruined. And that gun I don’t like him.”

The Amsterdam actress, who created a furore in series like Say ’ns Aaa and It Schaep with the five seed, leave in the middle whether they themselves have ever been the #MeToo. “Let me put it this way: you will be useful. If someone has a little handtastelijk or with the peutervingers around them. I was there against armed.”

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