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Bits & Pretzels 2018: Crypto, Blockchain and women in the Tech industry

As official media partner, a Team of crypto Ticker visited the Munich Event “Bits & Pretzels in 2018”. The event brought together three days, from 30. September to 2. October, more than 5000 founders, investors and decision-makers in a Startup company. A key focus of the event was also, in the case of crypto currencies and the Blockchain technology. Because Bits & Pretzles takes place in October, festival fashion, wore a lot of participants in traditional Austrian and Bavarian traditional clothing.

Participants in the “hammer strike” during a break

At the event, successful entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs gathered to learn with the aim of other participants and their respective networks to extend. Especially the last day was focus: “Liquid Networking”

A glance in the exhibition hall of the Bits & Pretzels

Blockchain-speakers from all over the world

It was nice to learn a large number of innovative projects and issues with the Blockchain to know. The Festival attracted, for example, thinkers such as Gil Penchina, an Investor from Silicon Valley. Penchina invested in Paypal, Ripple, Brave, Civic, EOS, Simple Token, Polymath, and many other FinTech companies. He was an early advocate for and Investor in crypto-currencies, and one of the most active “angel” on angel list. Amanda Gutterman, CMO of ConsenSys, also took part. ConsenSys is a company which is engaged in the development of distributed services and applications that run on the Ethereum block chain. She moderated a panel discussion with Jim Jorgensen (Consumer Coin), Paul Claudius (block state) and Gil Pechina about new Trends in the cryptographic area.

Amanda Gutterman at the panel discussion with Jim Jorgensen, Paul Claudius, and Gil Pechina

Brigitte Luginbühl, CEO of Crypto Real Estate AG, spoke about the interest in the real estate business on Blockchain-based applications. Crypto Real Estate offers real estate companies and owners a platform to create their own Security tokens. The benefits of your platform. Companies benefit from a faster and more cost-effective financing, with new investors groups, investors with lower transaction costs, faster turnaround times and high Standards of transparency and security.

More than just a Blockchain at Bits & Pretzels

In addition to speakers from the Blockchain and crypto-world, successful Start-up founders, such as Richard Branson and some of the Board members of DAX-listed companies or the founders of Airbnb, Delivery Hero, and Zendesk languages. Formats such as “Academy Stage” and “Table Captains” made it easy to learn at the Oktoberfest, and to network.

To work on the most critical challenges and problems of our time, we need to build global Connections. Bits & Pretzels had come from this reason, of course, also speakers from outside the EU and North America. Also, speakers from India, South Africa, Argentina and Lebanon were present.

#Metoo and women in the Tech industry

Bits & Pretzels invited some of the most talented women in the technology industry, to speak at the event, or to host a “conversation table” at the Oktoberfest. These innovative women’s crypto Ticker had the opportunity to meet Nina Keuschnigg. Nina is the co-founder of Binfluence, a platform that connects Influencers with brands. Our exclusive Interview will be online soon.
Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, also spoke. Your insightful talk focused on the stories of the victims. #MeToo has millions of Facebook-generated Posts and Tweets. Bits & Pretzels gifts Tarana the opportunity to make its movement accessible to a wider audience.

Tarana Burke, the founder of the #Metoo movement

Accessibility and flexibility in the city of Munich

The Event offered the participants a quiet room to Relax and have expanded the range of food was also taken care of. Not only vegetarian or vegan food, but also Halal and kosher dishes.
B&P was accessible to all. All of the lectures and the attractions were to people of all ages and all abilities. To facilitate people with children or to allow at all, was offered by the organisers is also a child care

We of crypto Ticker are sure that this event will continue to grow and are looking forward already now to next year. We can’t wait to see where crypto and Blockchain go next, and we are delighted by the active involvement of women in the Startup scene. Until next year, Bits & Pretzels!

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