Been at least 18 deaths from hurricane Michael, for 7 billion dollars worth of damage

The damage in Mexico Beach is huge

Hurricane Michael, which on Wednesday landed in the American state of Florida, has already certainly eighteen human lives. According to a U.s. insurance company runs the damage at up to 8 billion dollars (7 billion euros).

The hurricane is already weakened to a tropical storm. In the state of Florida, he made nine fatalities. The coastal town of Mexico Beach was almost literally dropped off the map by a combination of hard winds and stormtij. Rescue workers, who are experiencing power cuts and disrupted telephone connections, with the help of lijkenhonden and drones are already a victim. However, it is expected that the number of victims will continue to rise.

“I have the storm via television followed,” says Al Cathey, mayor of Mexico Beach, to news agency Reuters. ‘But now here in the streets walking around, and the havoc to see, is something else.’

In the state of Georgia died from a eleven year old girl when a carport through the roof of her house fell. In North Carolina died three people. In the state of Virginia fell five dead.

According to the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, Michael an ‘unimaginable devastation’ caused. So were a lot of power transmission lines destroyed and are about 360.000 households and businesses without power. Especially Bay County was hit hard: according to the disaster agency of Florida there are nearly 115,000 worth of the more than 117.000 buildings no more electricity. The state mobilized more than 1,700 workers.

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