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Bart Verhaeghe is the requesting party for legal framework around real estate brokers

According to Bart Verhaeghe, Club-president and vice-president of the Royal Belgian Football association, is the political responsible for what happened in the Belgian football happens. “The Pro League has long been the requesting party to the legal framework of the estate agents to arrange,” he says in an interview to VTM NEWS.

“It is very strange that brokers are paid by the counterparty. They will defend a player and to be paid by a club. That is by law so regulated. We have all very often on the political initiative asked for that law to change. There are lots of good plans ready in the Belgian football. We also now have a new CEO in the Belgian football association and I have every confidence that he full power ahead that planning will begin. The mind and the will are there, we need to take this momentum to seize.”

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