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“Yes, I am the best footballer of the moment’

RED DEVILS Captain Eden Hazard lives full of confidence to the confrontation with Switzerland, number eight in the world.

“Yes, I am the best footballer of the moment’

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Eden Hazard has the desire: ‘it’s All about self-confidence. And there I am now.” Virginie Lefour/belga

RED DEVILS Captain Eden Hazard lives full of confidence to the confrontation with Switzerland, number eight in the world.

“Yes, I am the best footballer of the moment’

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Gert Gysen

BrusselEen competition in the shade. However, play the Red Devils tonight, the most important competition in the Nations League. Since there are only four matches to be played and both Belgium and Switzerland against Iceland could win, is the mutual duel of crucial importance. Belgium should be home win, with the eye on the group’s profit. But no dog in the country seem to them really to lie awake. It goes on and on about one thing and that is the scandal that our football gets underway. When we yesterday in Tubize gathered for the press conference of Eden Hazard were all in attendance, a bit of the same feeling: where do we talk about? This match is still rumbling in the margin? But it appears Eden Hazard at the scene. And the fifteen minutes with the enthusiastic captain of the Red Devils makes us already look forward to the match against Switzerland. A touch, a joke: Eden has sense in it. And avant!

Eden, is the match against Switzerland, the most important of these Nations League?

‘Since we Tuesday gathered, insists the coach on the importance of this contest. The goal is to have the Nations League to win. Okay, it’s maybe not the best prize, but we want the EK is a good way to prepare. Because that is the main goal. We’re not going to want to conceal. We have the same player base and same coach. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, we want to do even better and that means the final. There we have the qualities for. This team is not a group of 13 players, 26 players. That you saw during the world cup against England.’

If I say that you since the summer, the best footballer in the world, what do you say?

‘That I agree. (laughs) But well, I’m not the only one who is doing it well, hey.’

So who is better?

“Who the Golden Ball deserves? Modric, is looking forward to… and I’

Eden Hazard

Captain Red Devils

‘Since the world cup? (think long after) No, you’re right… (laughs) No, people who know me, know that I don’t love to get myself to heaven. Mbappé is doing well, Neymar has a fantastic world cup and played there since the beginning of the season. But it is true, however, that everything currently runs smoothly at Chelsea and the Red Devils.’

How do you explain that good form?

“A little bit of luck. (laughs) But I now also have a much more attacking role at Chelsea. I play closer to the opponent’s goal, so I float score. And I used my opportunities better than in the past. Not only Chelsea, but also the Red Devils are my statistics now better.’

Thanks Chelsea-coach Maurizio Sarri that you now so well?

‘I score now more often than before. That may be by him. But it is, first and foremost, thanks to myself, I think.’

Sarri gave Mertens to Napoli a lot of freedom. Is that you?

“He has told me that in offensive way is allowed to do what I want, on the condition that I was in a defensive respect, do what he wants. So it’s a win-win situation. (winks) He is a trainer who likes to get the ball to, someone who first loved think. For me, that is ideal. We get a lot of freedom to the ball. So the more I ensure that we have the ball, the more freedom I get. (laughs)

If you’re in the best shape of your life?

‘In terms of statistics, I was never better, but in the game I feel that it is still what could be improved. I score easily and share good passes, but in certain games I made still errors. So, I think I still progression. My last season at Lille was very good, the second under Mourinho and the first under Conte too, but when I scored, or less.’

Is there anything you can pinpoint the turning point as to what those statistics?

‘For the world cup, I was a good player, but there were still people who thought that I’m not often enough showed. On the WK I have me shown to everyone, and that’s where I’m now. Everything revolves around self-confidence. And there I am now.”

You are among the 30 nominees for the Golden Ball. Do you think that?

“No, because I don’t think I’m going to win. For him who deserves it? Modric deserves it, looking forward to also… Me too, I think. (laughs) But I think that Modric should be rewarded for his fantastic season at Real Madrid and his performance at the world cup.’

The winner of the Golden Ball came to the last ten years, always from the Spanish league.

“Ha, the big subject. (laughs) Maybe that’s why I have to there will. No, lately I’ve been said a lot about Real and Chelsea. I won’t repeat it. Whether I am in the winter break, might already leave? No, certainly not.’


Kick-off: 20.45 h, live on tv

Ref: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (Spa)

Belgium: Courtois, Alderweireld, Kompany, Vermaelen, Meunier, Whitewash, Tielemans, Carrasco, Mertens, Hazard, Lukaku. Invaders: Mignolet, Casteels, Sels, Boyata, Denayer, Kabasele, Mechele, Castagne, Chadli, Fellaini, Praet, Vanaken, Batshuayi, T. Hazard, Trossard

Switzerland: Sommer, Long, Schär, Akanji, Rodriguez, Zakaria, Xhaka, E. Fernandes, Shaqiri, Zuber, Seferovic. Invaders: Mvogo, von Ballmoos, Steffen, Hadergjonaj, Moubandje, Elvedi, Klose, Freuler, Sow, Fassnacht, Ajeti, Gavranovic.

Nations League

Division A – Group 2


20.45 Belgium – Switzerland



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