World cup surprises score not

Georgiy Dzhikiya and Marcus Berg go a kopduel with each other.

In the duel in Kaliningrad were the opportunities are scarce, but the atmosphere was nevertheless good. The Russian team at the last world CHAMPIONSHIP, the hearts of the fans after the surprising to the quarter-finals of his career. The Swedes came there just as far.

Best chance was for a spare Descender Koezjajev, but who saw the Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen are shot cleverly to corner tap. Russia had the first match in group 2 of the division B won in Turkey (1-2). That team had won (2-3) in Sweden, that in Russia the first point of his career. With four points, Russia has the lead. Sunday follows the duel between Russia and Turkey.

Sweden and Russia made during the world cup last summer, surprising to the quarter-finals. The Scandinavians were defeated by England, that in the end the consolation class is lost, while the host country after penalty crashed against Croatia, in the final a bit too small for France.

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