With any K3-tyou had Miguel Wiels something?

Miguel Wiels was a Wednesday morning guest in the ochtendshow of MNM. Peter Van de Veire has been a good band with Miguel Wiels, and he knows the musician like no other. The editors of MNM asked during the editorial meeting or there’s never anything happened between Q3 and Miguel Wiels, and then they meant, of course, on a relational level. “I’ve never abused felt,” said Miguel on the question of Peter Van de Veire or never #Metoo-states happened between him and one of the seven K3-voice. “There is one party which I don’t know what happened”. That answer arouses, of course, more interest for Peter Van de Veire, who of course wants to know with whom he than anything would have done. “Ha, no, I never say”, try Miguel is out to talk. “Kristel, Karen, Kathleen, Josje, Klaasje, Marthe or Hanne, …”. Julie Of the Stone of milk from her, and responds with “That last yet not” in which Miguel stunned to ask what’s wrong with Hanne. “For Hanne in itself, I think…. It would be for my daughter,” laughs Miguel was still there, adding that that party very long time ago. “Oh man, what I sit here now on the national radio to say? I stop, I now have too many leads”.
The statements of Miguel were sufficient to make an article about it, Miguel didn’t expect that his statement that so much dust would be raised. Meanwhile, the musician via Twitter to let us know that his judgment is not more than a joke, but Peter Van de Veire has at that last statement his doubts.

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