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Who’s who in operation Clean Hands

Operation Clean Hands had started as an investigation into black money and shadowy financial structures, of activity of players ‘ agent, but vervelde quickly to an investigation of corruption. Who is all involved? An overview.


Dejan Veljkovic

football agent

Important football agent who is suspected of structures have been set up in consultation with football clubs to keep themselves hidden commissions to pay out, and to his players hidden compensation and benefits to be delivered. He was also supposed to the degradation of KV Mechelen in an improper way want to prevent.


Uros Janković

business partner of Veljkovic

Helped Veljkovic in the realisation of a number of large transfers. Would his agent abroad. Is the street picked in Montenegro.


Marija Bogjevska

partner of Veljkovic

Her involvement is not yet clear.


Dirk George Chapman

chairman of Waasland-Beveren

Maintained telephone and personal contact with Veljkovic on possible match fixing against KV Mechelen.

In suspicion, but released under conditions

Olivier Swolfs

financial director Waasland-Beveren

It Was possible at the height of the potential match fixing.

In suspicion, but released under conditions

Davy Roef

goalkeeper Waasland-Beveren

Had possible knowledge of or was involved in matchfixing against KV Mechelen, already fell on the face of it, few on its match to brands. He still plays for Waasland-Beveren.

Released without conditions

Olivier Myny

midfielder Waasland-Beveren in season 2017-2018

Would may have had an impact on the outcome of the last race of Waasland-Beveren via his real estate agent Walter Mortelmans. Now plays for OH Leuven.

In suspicion, but released under conditions

Walter Mortelmans

football agent

Has to be one of the Belgian topmakelaars different players Waasland-Beveren and KV Mechelen in his portfolio. He would possible influence may have had on the outcome of the match.

In suspicion, but released under conditions

Thierry Steemans

financial director KV Mechelen

Would have tried the degradation of KV Mechelen to prevent unauthorised way, through matchfixing.


Olivier Somers

investor at KV Mechelen

Is the strong man of KV Mechelen, was possible at the height of the attempts at matchfixing.


Stefaan Vanroy

sports director KV Mechelen

To be informed of the attempts at matchfixing.

In suspicion, but released under conditions

Stefan Vermeulen

accountant Sporting Lokeren

The right hand of Lokerenvoorzitter Roger Lambrecht, that also view on the transfers, is being questioned.


Ivan Leko

trainer Club Brugge

Maintained close contacts with Veljkovic, especially in the period that he was active in Lokeren. Is now suspected of money laundering. According to his attorney, limited to the question whether he was a part of his wages correctly reported to the tax authorities.


Bart Vertenten


Made several questionable decisions in favor of KV Mechelen. Was prior to be in close contact with Veljkovic. Is now suspended by the Football association.


Sébastien Delferière


Was in close contact with Veljkovic and received gifts from him. Is suspicious of private corruption and has been suspended by the Football association.

In suspicion, but released under conditions


Mogi Bayat

football agent

Supreme football agent who, according to the public prosecutor’s office transfers of several players manipulated would have to use his own allowance to maximize. Were the players and clubs to be disadvantaged. Is also heard for fraud.


Karim Mejjati

football agent

Helped Bayat with his transfers and has its own real estate agency.


Herman Van Leuven Luc Van Wassenhoven


Ex-manager of Anderlecht, realized often transfers along with Bayat.

In suspicion? Not yet known, however, released

Laurent Denis

consultant, ex-lawyer

Partner, Bayat, is suspected helped him to have in fraudulent practices.


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