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When Ry Cooder sounds of nostalgia authentic

Gitaarlegende Ry Cooder gave in the Antwerp Stadsschouwburg is a master class in American rootsmuziek. With more youngsters on the stage than in the audience.

Ry Cooder is 71. That was a little bit to see. His concert in a sold out Stadsschouwburg (and tonight in a sold-out Kursaal in Ostend) was a bit lethargic. Long pauses between songs …

Ry Cooder is 71. That was a little bit to see. His concert in a sold out Stadsschouwburg (and tonight in a sold-out Kursaal in Ostend) was a bit lethargic. Long breaks between the songs, laconic commentary, sometimes a breather.

But Cooder is always a little bit of that type. Anti-star, prefer working with vintage guitars and music before rock music, the stylistic wealth of the USA broke. Pathetic with how much love he ‘Harbor of love’, said members should cultivate The Stanley Brothers, a popular bluegrassduo of the forties. And how beautiful he that song, a mature fusion of gospel and blues, sang with the help of The Hamiltones, a young gospeltrio that came with us was from North Carolina.

Who on a ‘Best of’ show had hoped for, was cheated out of. Cooder brought in the spring a strong new album, The Prodigal Son, and played there quite a lot of songs. This schakeerde he between very sober versions, which are always fascinating guitar work was prominent, and steaming funky versions of ” Everybody ought to treat a stranger right by Blind Willie Johnson) and ‘The very thing that makes you rich’.

Of soulvol to contemporary

The band was captivating. Son Joachim was by his father, kneaded to a tight, versatile drummer, and saxophonist Sam Gendel blew alternately soulvol pompend or contemporary rushing. Both men had also the support act is served and supported on Cooders first own album “Fuchsia Machu Picchu”. A jungle of geloopte, repetitive sounds in which Cooder himself with a homemade thumb piano (mbira) somewhere between Alabama, Zimbabwe and New York operated.

One of the highlights came unexpectedly when the electricity on stage went out and the old Cooder acoustic guitar let rock and at the front of the stage to the song ‘Thirteen Question Method by Chuck Berry (1961) brought, with the necessary jokes about the situation are all integrated into it. There were probably a lot of people in the room for whom Cooder, as still as if to continue, but in the meantime burned the lights on Cooders five amps again, and he could all alone the nasty ‘Vigilante Man’.

Weeping guitar

The highlight for us came later. “You must unload”, and anyway, the classical song on his new album and Cooder, served to him by the melody first, only one of his eight guitars to play. He is technically strong, certainly, but he can have the nuts as doorvoeld bend that metal tears ontwringt, that he is guitar leave vienna. The song, with again the golden vocals of The Hamiltones there, did the rest.

So it was not a groundbreaking concert, and we were delighted that The Hamiltones there is already some fire in had a few private soulsongs and arranged some handclaps, but it was a fijnproeversconcert. A tasting of almost forgotten music by one of her best archivists, who may have also not so often will come (what the ticket price was very high made). The hall was full of vijftigplussers, who have this music in their youth got to know and now, in their second youth, a nostalgic look back. Cooder made of their nostalgia was a point of honour.

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