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Vitalik Buterin want to leave Ethereum

Ethereum soon without a “Galleon figure”?

The Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, stunned us recently with his response to the question of a “Twitter”user, if he has to withdraw’ve already thought about this, at some point of his project (Ethereum). Buterin announced in its reply that the process of withdrawal is already underway, and much of the work was already taken over by others.

In the further course of the conversation, Vitalik, is for very many people in the crypto area of the “face” of the project insured that Ethereum in today’s stage would definitely need to go on without him.

“I think Ethereum would take it at this stage, absolutely, if I would burn all of a sudden” -Vitalik Buterin

What will the future bring?

Although he has not yet made any exact time, what are the steps or what is the final date of his withdrawal is planned, however, the question remains as to the “after”. Is Ethereum can really survive without its Creator? What Vitalik Buterin, in connection with his free time? Will he start a new project and implement it? The withdrawal from the project means also the sale of its ETH?
The answers to these and other questions, we can give only the future.

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