Van der Vaart gets ’the people behind the scenes’

Rafael van der Vaart enjoyed always with the fullest in Orange.

“So take’n Hans Jorritsma, the team manager. As a player, you will be a man very grateful for everything he all these years has arranged. We went for a world cup or european CHAMPIONSHIPS to places, where in fact there was nothing. Once you arrived, you got the idea that Jorritsma is a very new hotel from the ground had the pitching,” says the now ex-international.

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Carlo the Lion, the head equipment manager, he found a ’golden cock’. And Van der Vaart were also the cooks holy. “You go in Moldova but even a normal kitchen look. Who cooks at Orange made for a fabulous and healthy food.”

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Rafael van der Vaart in conversation with Telesport.

He repeats it yet again. “We lacked nothing, man.” At their clubs, says the midfielder, had the most internationals it really well. They were finally, piece for piece at the top clubs in Europe. “But how, in the Dutch national team were cared for, was not normal. They went for months in advance already to a little town to make the best for us to put down.”

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