Turkey says pictures to possess that prove who the Saudi journalist killed

The Turkish government says to be in the possession of audio – and video-recordings which proved that a ‘Saudi moordcommando’ behind the murder is on the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. That writes The Washington Post, the American newspaper for which the journalist worked.

In the images allegedly show how a Saudi team, the journalist in the consulate holds on to after he is there on 2 October enter in order to retrieve a document for his planned marriage.

Afterwards, the man killed and his body cut into pieces. “You can hear how he is interrogated, tortured and killed’, says a source to the newspaper.

It remains unclear who the shots already seen or heard. According to the sources at The Washington Post goes to ‘very sensitive information’ which the Turkish authorities were already on to their American colleagues could have conveyed.

Arms trade goes through

The American president Donald Trump has Thursday announced that the United States an investigation will start into the murder of Khashoggi. Already added Trump immediately that, whatever the outcome of that research may be, the ‘arms trade with Saudi-Arabia will not be suspended’.

He’s going in against a group of Republican deputies, who had just announced that they were prepared to take sanctions against Saudi Arabia, if it would appear that the regime is responsible for the death of the journalist.

“We are, of course, not in the least set up (with the death of Khashoggi, ed.)’, said Trump Thursday to journalists. ‘But should we therefore restrict the ability of Saudi Arabia are spending money in the United States, knowing that they have two very good alternatives?” The American president was referring to Russia and China, who also has extensive wapendeals have with Saudi Arabia.

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