Tina Turner: sex was not important for me

Turner was worried that partners would be disappointed if they don’t wig on had

In her new book My Love Story tells Tina Turner openly about her sex life or lack thereof. So says the singer experienced a year of no sex to have had, because she was scared how its possible bedpartners on her haarstukken and wigs would react. This is reported in Page Six.

“I’ve never been a woman who always sex had to have it. There are even times when I long to be celibate have lived and that had partly to do with my wigs. How easy and pleasant that were, they gave me stress. They will be in love with Tina Turner with her beautiful hair and she wakes up next to a plain Anna Mae, ” says the singer, whose real name Anna Mae Bullock. “I was afraid they would be disappointed in the person I normally am.”

For her current husband, Erwin Bach, it didn’t matter; it was love at first sight between them. “I’ve never been a sex driven person and after my first marriage with Ike was having sex, not at all more important to me. But when I Erwin met struck my heart. “

The sex that Tina had with Ike in her first marriage was anything but pleasant. The singer compares it to ‘a form of rape, accompanied by abuse.

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