“These are really frightening times for boys

An American woman reacts in an ironic number on statements of president Donald Trump on cross-border behavior. Her video is viral gone.

“These are really frightening times for the guys. It is hard when your reputation is at stake and every woman you’ve ever raped suddenly can appear. It is a difficult time for boys: they may not be more with a woman or talk to them in the eyes. It is so disturbing: is it rape or just friendliness?’

The American dansleerkracht and singer-songwriter Lynzy Lab responds with her number, “A Scary Time” statements from president Donald Trump. In a message of support to Brett Kavanaugh had Trump said that the frightening times for young men who are simply accused.


With the necessary irony and with a ukulele sings Lynzy Lab why the world really can be an unsafe place for women. She calls Trump or chief judge Brett Kavanaugh not by name, but she refers to Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who Kavanaugh of sexual assault accused.

“I can be me after 35 years, do not express an opinion about my rapist. I am not taken seriously when I told my tears to fight”, she sings. According to Ford, has Brett Kavanaugh her 35 years ago molested.


Lynzy Lab lists also situations where women get to make. “I can at night not only to my car, I can’t click on the café to go without someone else, I can’t get to the club, or to go just with my friends dancing and I can have my drink never lose sight of.’

Her song “A Scary Time” is now a viral gone. “I had not expected that the responses are so overwhelming it would be,” says the singer. At the end of the video she says her viewers to vote in the midterms in november.

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