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Stoffel Vandoorne: “F1-comeback only under the right circumstances”

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne will leave at the end of this season, Formula 1 and will probably go to work in the Formula E, the electric counterpart of the Formula 1. A return to the Formula 1 close Vandoorne doesn’t matter, if it must be that under the right circumstances to happen.

After two very disappointing seasons with McLaren, separating at the end of this season, the roads of Stoffel Vandoorne and McLaren. Vandoorne will be the renstal leave and in the absence of other racezitje in the Formula 1 will Vandoorne next season in all probability to get down in the Formula E.

“A different environment will do me good,” said Vandoorne as opposed to the “RTBF”. “In the past seasons with McLaren were not easy and the team had its worst years ever.”

Nevertheless, hopes Stoffel Vandoorne, for example, within little more than a year to be able to return to the Formula 1.

“On the one or the other way I want to in connection with Formula 1 to continue”, said Vandoorne. “How accurate, I don’t know yet. If, however, I ever return it will be under favorable circumstances.”

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