Stars angry over Kanye Wests visit to Trump

President Donald Trump with Kanye West in the Oval Office

Rapper T. I. focused on Instagram to his colleague: “Once it was a pleasure to work with you. Now ashamed of, I’m sure with your to be associated.” In his long post called T. I. Kanye “despicable, weak and insensitive’ and he writes: “If you listen carefully, you can the tears of your ancestors on the ground hear it fall.”

Comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted: “Kanye sees Trump as a father figure. A guess who Kanye is not the son see?.” Chelsea Peretti called it a visit from the rapper on Twitter ’hell on earth’. Other celebrities names the Trump blame that he at the moment is the US affected by hurricane Michael, stars will receive at the White House. “Just when you think that we are not lower to be able to sink, is Kanye West in the Oval Office with reporters to talk. By the way, mr. Trump, there was a very severe hurricane,” said George Takei.

During his not-too-coherent speech told Kanye that ” Make America Great Again-pet him a Superman-feeling gave, he spoke about mental disorders, and he appeared to insinuate that I’m with her slogan of Hillary Clinton, not him and stopped because he has no father grew up.

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