Spouse Sergio Herman makes emotional call

Sergio Herman and Ellemieke lost in the spring of 2017 their third baby Josha just before the birth. Ellemieke, Sergio, and their sons Noah, and please call to book an remain Josha remember, especially now there this week, attention is asked to baby-death. Ellemieke writes a beautiful message on social media that we have listed below form an integral resume…

“Each year there is 9 t/m 15 October, international attention is being drawn to baby-death. In this week commemorate the parents and relatives of the short existence of all the babies who will be missed. The week is ending on 15th October: parents and neighbors all over the world burn to 19:00 hours (local time) a candle. This creates a worldwide wave of light and love for the babies that are so intense missed. I’m a mom of a little Angel, Josha. The loss went never, only the stabbing pain milder #stilgeboren #vlinderkindje #breakthesilence #liefdevooralleouders”

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