Saskia and Kluun: IBIZA hit the spark!

Not only in the bookstore, they are next to each other, now do Saskia Noort and Kluun that also in real life.

Always delicious, a few days to a friend who has a beautiful house on Ibiza. But for KLUUN, that on the party island medebestseller-author SASKIA NOORT visited, received this pyjama party, just as it is for her, a surprising sequel!

The magical powers of this island in the Balearic islands will get attributed, have their wondrous operation done again. RAYMOND VAN DE KLUNDERT (a woman at the doctor’s, The Widower, DJ) got there are sudden warm feelings for Saskia. And these turned out to be mutual…

Weekly PRIVATE reveals this week, the special relationship between the two authors, who in the better bookstore for years next to each other, but that since that Ibiza trip now face to face as much as possible!

“What is this!?”

,,It is very strangely gone,’ says an insider, that the whole story of one of them heard. ,,They go all járen well with each other. Just as friends, they ate sometimes together. Went along to a premiere or to book events in the country, but in the course of this summer, they felt that more was going on, and they came to the romantic notion that there is mutual attraction. And now, they are in the phase that they were both thinking: ’What is this!?”’

Spokespersons of the two writers try the news what to downplayen. Raymond and Saskia were there quite by surprise by the news on the street was, but their zegslieden could no longer ignore and had to admit that they are now ’more than just friends.”

That news had they also been in small, not as discrete, circle shared. The developments of the last time for Raymond and especially for Saskia even a bit ’confusing’, because it does not often occur that, after a close friendship, that already some ten years back, suddenly and with both a spark jumps.

,,That is magical. And that is Ibiza,’ says the PRIVATE source.

“Now if liefdeskoppel a perfect combi”

In Amsterdam, where they both live after Saskia her beloved Bergen left, is the new set barely together spotted. Able great their relationship hidden and all the rest to discover if this development is a summer whim was or, indeed, more than this. The latter seems to be the case.

And so has the annual Boekenbal, in the Theatre, later on, a new glamourstel to look forward to. Both sold millions of books and hear to the top of their generation and are now in addition, if a couple of lovers also an ’ideal’ combi!

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